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Live in La Perla

This space is just for you: a place where you can explore the incredible stories, artisans and services that make La Perla – and its lingerie - so special. Created by women, for women, Live in La Perla is a place where you can take a breath and a moment to indulge, empower and inspire yourself whenever you need to. Caring for yourself begins with what first touches your skin, so we invite you to Live in La Perla


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How to Wear

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How it all began

La Perla was founded in 1954 by Ada Masotti, a talented corsetiere, formidable entrepreneur and visionary, inspiring woman with a revolutionary mission: to create perfectly fitting, exquisitely made lingerie that empowered, liberated and celebrated the women that wore it.

Combining our signature traditional techniques with a modern, ever-evolving outlook, she built a label that, over the past six decades, has been making technically perfect, irresistibly comfortable pieces. Designed to be treasured, they’re created for women, by women, to elevate your everyday.


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